Why You Need To Be Aware Of Potential Hazards Before Going Ahead With A Demolition

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Why You Need To Be Aware Of Potential Hazards Before Going Ahead With A Demolition

Why You Need To Be Aware Of Potential Hazards Before Going Ahead With A Demolition

20 June 2022
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If you want to build a brand-new home on a previously developed lot, you may need to get rid of the structure in place. If this is a typical family home that may have been built decades ago, you need to do some additional planning before considering any demolition. In particular, you need to make an effort to identify any potentially hazardous materials contained within the structure. So, what do you need to know about this process?

Dealing With Hazardous Substances

Local and state regulators may insist that you (or your designated demolition expert) handle any potentially hazardous substances or materials very carefully. Such materials can present in many different shapes or forms. While the bulk of the building material may consist of concrete, bricks, metal, glass, insulation, wood or aggregate, any or all of these particular materials could be contaminated. After all, they may be covered by or adhere to different paints, adhesives, coverings and fastenings. Ceilings and floors may also hide some very troubling materials such as asbestos.

Hidden Challenges

Even though you may have removed all the furniture and fittings from the property, challenges may still remain. For example, you may find traces of arsenic in wood that has been pressure treated or mercury that may be found within switches or wall thermostats. Paints may contain lead, while refrigerant may still be present in any leftover air-conditioning system.

Conducting A Risk Assessment

Before proceeding, you should insist on a risk assessment during which any and all hazardous materials will be identified. They may need to be isolated during demolition and potentially removed for work elsewhere. This will be particularly the case should any asbestos be found, or even if contractors suspect it may be present in hidden areas.

Planning For Dispersal

Before work begins, your demolition contractor should have a list of approved recycling and refurbishing facilities that can take the hazardous materials and the other leftover. Then, you'll get permission to proceed and can commission work as soon as possible.

Working With The Best

So, don't forget that there is a certain amount of risk involved when any older property is demolished in this way. Regulators will be aware of this and may insist that you take certain precautions ahead of time. However, if you work with home demolition services, you can stay on the right side of the law and ensure that the work is completed on time.

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