If You Rely on Top-Class Refrigeration, Are You Looking After Your Compressor?

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If You Rely on Top-Class Refrigeration, Are You Looking After Your Compressor?

If You Rely on Top-Class Refrigeration, Are You Looking After Your Compressor?

25 April 2022
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One of the most important components of a commercial refrigeration system is its compressor. If you want to avoid any problems and keep things ticking over as they should, you need to ensure that it is always operating within the right temperature range. What happens if this is not the case, and what areas should you look at most?

Focusing on the Compressor

If your compressor is overworked, you cannot expect it to last as long as it should. And don't forget, it has to work within a typically hostile environment within a busy restaurant where ambient temperatures are elevated anyway, and overworked staff may be focused on other priorities.

Settings and Operation

As a manager, you need to get into the habit of checking your fridge settings and looking at certain operating conditions.

Correct Temperatures

For example, don't get into the habit of turning down the temperature on your fridge simply because you think that is most effective. Doing this can put considerable pressure on the compressor, which is likely to overheat and lead to failure. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations and never exceed them.

Thermostat Performance

In the same vein, keep a close eye on the thermostat, which will, in any case, control the temperature range. If the thermostat doesn't work, the compressor will keep running no matter what and, once again, will overheat.


You should also be very careful when it comes to positioning the fridge. If you put it in an area that receives too much sunlight from the adjacent windows, you can simply overheat the appliance and affect the compressor's performance.


Also, make sure that the appliance is properly ventilated. The condenser cannot work correctly otherwise and get rid of the hot air that is naturally generated when the compressor is working full time. Here again, if the condenser cannot do its job, the compressor will be overtaxed, which will certainly lead to performance issues.


Furthermore, the condenser relies on a fan to distribute some of the generated heat. If it is not working properly or is simply broken, this will lead to overheating and inevitable issues.

Refrigerant Level

Finally, check the refrigerant level regularly to ensure that it is adequate. Low levels can impact the compressor and will cause additional difficulties and unwanted costs.

Extra Information

As you can see, almost everything revolves around the compressor, so it makes sense to pay close attention to its welfare. If you have any questions, bring in a refrigeration repair contractor, and they will give you some additional advice.

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