Why Take Your House Builder to View a Plot of Land Before You Buy?

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Why Take Your House Builder to View a Plot of Land Before You Buy?

Why Take Your House Builder to View a Plot of Land Before You Buy?

27 December 2021
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If you plan to build a home from scratch on land you buy separately, then you have a few considerations to make before you buy a plot. If you've already chosen custom house builders for the project, then it can help to take your builder along to view the land before you buy it. Why?

1. Get a Second Opinion

If you already have ideas on the type and size of house you want to build, then you need to buy a plot that suits your design plans. This isn't just about buying land that is big enough for the property's footprint.

You also need to know if a plot has any features which might affect your design. For example, if the land has a significant slope, then you'll either have to level it or adapt your plans to build around it. Both of these options will affect your design plans.

If you take your custom home builder with you, then they can do a rough assessment of the plot. They can give you an opinion on whether your plans will suit the space, features and layout of the land. You stand a better chance of buying a plot that will work for you.

2. Check For Problems

Even if a plot looks like it will fit your design, it might have hidden problems which will affect your build. For example, if the ground on your plot is very soft and reactive, then you might need to install deeper and more advanced foundations. If you build in a more rural area, then you might not have the road infrastructure in place yet for your builders to get their equipment and supplies to the plot. The area might not have the right utility infrastructure for the build or for your living needs later.

Your builder can help you identify any possible problems. You get a clearer idea of whether the plot is worth buying or whether its problems make your plans unfeasible.

3. Get a More Accurate Budget Estimate

While you might have a rough budget idea in your head at this stage, the plot you buy can change your budget. If you have to deal with problems like sloping ground, a lack of infrastructure or difficult soils, then you'll spend more money on the build.

While you might still be prepared to go ahead, your builder can help you identify problems and give you rough estimates on any associated costs. You get a better idea of whether building on the plot will be cost-effective.

To get started, ask your custom house builders if they will take a look at the plot or its plans before you start talking to its land sales company.

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