Top Strategies to Use When Hiring Warehousing Employees

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Top Strategies to Use When Hiring Warehousing Employees

Top Strategies to Use When Hiring Warehousing Employees

29 September 2016
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Finding good workers for your warehouse operations can be a daunting task, particularly because work is usually physically demanding and the pay may not be so good. Turnover rates in these occupations are high, and the costs incurred to recruit new personnel can be burdensome. Here are a number of cost-effective strategies you can use to ensure you hire the best people to work in your warehouse facility.

Employee referrals

Your warehouse employees are the best people to refer potential candidates to your business. This is because they understand the nature of the operating environment and the demands of the job, and they can share this information with interested job seekers. Hence, employee referral programs promise a better match between the requirements of the job and the capabilities of a potential employee.

However, the success of employee referral programs depends on two major things: reward scheme and corporate culture. Firstly, if your employees are adequately rewarded when they make referrals, you can be sure they will be kept well-motivated to lure their friends to work for you. But if they consider the reward to be insufficient or insignificant, they are likely to keep their contacts to themselves. Secondly, if your staff is not happy working for you, perhaps due to bad working conditions or poor pay, they probably won't be willing to advise other people to join your company, no matter how much incentives you offer.

Therefore, it is advisable that you provide sufficient incentives and create a positive work environment if you want great workers to draw other great workers.

Personality profiling

The personality of any job applicant is just as important as their knowledge and skill base. Preferably, you want to recruit "naturals" over "forced fits". Generally, "naturals" will easily adapt to your work environment because they have greater opportunity to make the most of their natural strengths there. Therefore, these individuals tend to perform better and stick to the job much longer.

"Forced fits," on the other hand, tend to always struggle in their new occupations. These people need to invest a lot of time and energy before they can get the work done. This will lead to low worker productivity, something that will impact negatively on your bottom line.

To help your interview panel fill up vacant positions, invest in good personality profiling recruitment tools. These tools provide a more scientific approach to assessing a job applicant's character. But good old intuition is very important as well. For more information, contact a business such as DSC Personnel.

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