Five Tips for Making Carports Shady and Cool If You Are Converting Them into a Covered Patio

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Five Tips for Making Carports Shady and Cool If You Are Converting Them into a Covered Patio

Five Tips for Making Carports Shady and Cool If You Are Converting Them into a Covered Patio

28 June 2016
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If you don't have a lot of shade around your property, a carport can act as a great shady patio cover while you wait for trees to grow. However, in most cases, carports only provide shade from above, and you may want to add some to the sides. Take a look at these ideas to maximise the use of your carport:

1. Tilt the top of the carport.

If you are putting in a carport just for the purpose of shading a patio, consider not buying a carport that has completely straight lines and a roof at a right angle to its posts. Instead, opt for a carport with a slightly tilted roof. Ideally, you want the roof tilted at an angle that will maximise the number of sun rays that it blocks.

2. Paint the top of the carport a light colour.

If you are buying a new carport, look for one with a light coloured roof. That is best for repelling rather than absorbing sunlight. In contrast, if you already have a carport, paint the roof a light color. White, light blue or yellow work perfectly to keep your carport cool.

3. Add lattices and plants to the sides of the carport.

If you already have an existing carport and you want to modify it into an outdoor living space instead of a place to park your car, you may want to add shade to the side of the carport. Lattices are relatively easy to add. You can attach them to the carport legs using zip ties or fencing wire. Then, you can train plants to grow along the lattices to create shade.

4. Hang outdoor curtains on the carport.

In addition to lattices and plants, consider hanging outdoor curtains around your carport. These curtains are made for outdoor use and feature mildew-resistant, water-resistant, fade-resistant fabric. You can get almost any style. For example, if you can hang a pole along the top of your carport, you can use outdoor panel curtains with grommets. Alternatively, you could use a different style of curtain or even outdoor blinds.

5. Install screens.

In lieu of lattices and curtains, consider creating shade and keeping the bugs out with screens. You can buy long flexible screens that hang around the outside of your carport. These often feature magnets which hold them closed, and then, if you need to open them, you just push the magnets outside.

Want more ideas on using a carport as a shady patio cover? Then, contact a carport salesperson like Apollo Patio Roofing.

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