Various Applications You Could Use Bi-fold Doors for around Your Home

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Various Applications You Could Use Bi-fold Doors for around Your Home

Various Applications You Could Use Bi-fold Doors for around Your Home

20 April 2016
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Bi-fold doors comprise two or more different doors that have been attached to each other using hinges. They are referred to as bi-fold doors because, when they are opened, the two or more panels will fold in on each other. This makes them a great alternative for homeowners who would like to save on space rather than have their doors open inward or outward. It should be noted though that bi-fold doors are not only exclusively used as entryways. Their ability to be folded makes them a versatile option for an array of applications. In addition to this, they come in a myriad of materials such as wood, vinyl and glass. Here are some of the different applications in which you could use bi-fold doors for around your home.

Bi-fold doors as room dividers

Some homeowners would prefer an open plan space in their home so as to give the illusion of a larger room. However, in some scenarios you may want some privacy, which may not be possible with an open plan space. To counter this, you could opt for bi-fold doors as room dividers. These portable bi-fold doors can be used to section off different areas of a room. When not in use, you can fold the panels of the doors and put them back into storage.

Alternatively, you could also opt to have them permanently installed then simply open and close them as need be. For instance, if you have a studio apartment and would like to create privacy when guests are around, the bi-fold doors can easily partition the space according to your needs.  If you are considering bi-fold doors as room dividers, you should consider a lightweight material such as vinyl.

Bi-fold doors for your closets and pantries

Another application that would be suitable for bi-fold doors is as closet or pantry doors. This would be ideal if your bedroom or kitchen already has limited space and you would like to make the most of the available space by eliminating bulky doors. If you are planning to use your bi-fold doors on closets or on pantries, you should consider louvered panels for the doors. These enhance the aesthetics of the door, and add some form of ventilation to your closet or pantry.

However, if you were looking to create a streamlined look in the bedroom or kitchen, then solid wood panels would be a good bet, as these will merge seamlessly with the rest of the wall. When bi-fold doors are used for closets or pantries, they tend to comprise two panels. However, you could add more panels depending on how wide the closet or pantry is. 

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