Dirty Gutters? 3 Inspired Strategies for an Injury-Free DIY Gutter Cleaning Job

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Dirty Gutters? 3 Inspired Strategies for an Injury-Free DIY Gutter Cleaning Job

Dirty Gutters? 3 Inspired Strategies for an Injury-Free DIY Gutter Cleaning Job

15 April 2016
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If you've decided to undertake the task of gutter cleaning on your own, then you're a brave homeowner because getting up on to the roof of your home takes some guts. While not a difficult task, your safety can be compromised when you're several feet off the ground. This guide offers you some strategies for an injury-free DIY gutter cleaning job.

Make Sure Your Ladder Is Sturdy Enough to Hold Your Weight

Before climbing up onto your roof, make sure the ladder you use is safe and sturdy because you certainly don't want to lose your balance and fall down several feet. The ladder should be sturdy enough to hold your weight and a heavy bucket used for collecting debris from the gutter. Ideally, you'll want to choose a four-legged stepladder, instead of a two-legged ladder for better balance and sturdiness, as you make the trek up to your rooftop. You may want to stay away from wooden ladders because they tend to become wobbly and unbalanced over time. Fibreglass ladders are heavy, but they also provide greater stability than others. Aluminium ladders are also ideal for stability, strength and balance.

Cover Your Hands And Eyes to Prevent Wounds

If you're undertaking gutter cleaning on your own, be sure to wear gloves. This will protect your hands from dirt, grime and debris because they are likely to be laden with bacteria and germs. Gloves will also protect your hands from excruciating cuts and bruises that may occur because of ragged metal shards. Avoid using cotton gloves because they will soak up dirt and will expose your skin to bacteria. Leather gloves may shrink after cleaning. Rubber gloves are ideal because they are water and shrink resistant. Wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from injuries when cleaning gutters because you never know what can fly out of them when you least expect it.

Be Wary of Overhead Power Lines

In their enthusiasm to undertake gutter cleaning, many homeowners forget about hazardous overhead power lines that have the potential to electrocute them beyond recognition. If there are any power lines on your roof, make sure that they are well insulated before undertaking your gutter cleaning task. If the protective insulation has worn out, then you could be in danger of an electrocution, so you may need to get a professional electrical contractor to fix this before cleaning your gutters. Keep in mind that water is a dangerous electricity conductor, so avoid working with your gutters until all electrical cables are properly insulated.

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