Work Access Equipment: Boom, Scissor and Personnel Lifts

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Work Access Equipment: Boom, Scissor and Personnel Lifts

Work Access Equipment: Boom, Scissor and Personnel Lifts

19 February 2016
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The right access equipment is essential when performing projects that will necessitate working at height. These specialty access platforms are more favourable than traditional items like ladders and podium steps because they are mechanised. This means that you will have more control over the equipment functions which will improve safety and the speed of the work. Common operations that will require the at-height access machines include construction and renovation, cleaning the roof and even picking fruits from your orchard. Here are the main types of access lifts to consider hiring for your work-at-height project.

Boom Lift

The boom lift is designed as an aerial work platform, and it is also commonly referred to as a cherry picker, basket crane and man lift. Basically, this equipment looks like a crane and the movement of the flexible arm is usually powered by a hydraulic system. At the end of the long arm, there is a bucket or platform which is constructed to support the user and their loads. You can select a self-propelling boom lift system, but these machines are often mounted on trucks, flatbeds or special vans. The boom lift is ideal for use in numerous applications in the construction, industrial and agricultural industry. The common operations for which to consider hiring this access equipment include tree cutting and pruning, window cleaning, general building refurbishment and maintenance of overhead telecommunications lines.

Scissor Lift

The scissor lift is designed and built to allow access in a vertical direction only. As implied, the access equipment is constructed using linked and folding bars that form a scissors-like, crisscross pattern. The lift is operated by contraction and elongation of the crossing supports. In simple terms, when operational pressure power is released into the support, the linked bars will extend and lift the platform at the top. This equipment is favourable because you can access different heights when working. In addition, you can choose different power sources for your lift depending on the resources available. The primary power options in the modern market are pneumatic, mechanical pinion system and hydraulic power.

Unpowered Personnel Lift

The personnel lift is an unpowered elevated work platform, and it is perfect for use when the project funds are limited. This type of access equipment is compact and suitable for small-scale tasks such as painting, changing bulbs and accessing the air ducts. You can choose a personnel lift with wheels for convenience when working alone. However, you will need to use stabilising structures to prevent accidental sliding movement. Contact local professionals, such as Paradise Tower Hire, for further assistance.

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