Why Is Hydro Excavation Better Than Traditional Excavation Methods?

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Why Is Hydro Excavation Better Than Traditional Excavation Methods?

Why Is Hydro Excavation Better Than Traditional Excavation Methods?

18 February 2016
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Homeowners now have the option of choosing which method should be used if they would like some excavation work to be done on their property. They can choose traditional excavation methods (such as using a backhoe excavator). They can also choose hydro excavation. This article discusses why it may be more cost-effective to use hydro excavation when excavating the site of your new pool.

Lower Insurance Costs

Hydro excavation involves the use of a pressurised jet of water to cut through the earth on your property. A vacuum system promptly sucks up the slurry and carts it away for processing and disposal. This method attracts lower insurance premiums because there are fewer risks involved. For example, there is a lower risk of damaging utility lines. Such damage can be costly to repair. That is why insurance companies levy a higher premium so that they can cover the provider of professional excavation services in case the risk occurs. This higher insurance cost is eventually transferred to you the client. The total cost of the excavation project may therefore be lower due to the reduced project insurance cost incurred by the excavation company.

Reduced Cleanup Costs

Another cost that you may incur is the high cost of cleaning up your property after excavation has been done using the traditional excavation methods. This high cleaning cost is due to the excavation debris that litters the area around the excavation site. You may also have to replant your lawn after the debris poured onto it during the excavation has damaged it. These costs inflate the total budget of the home improvement project. Hydro excavation limits the damage to your property since no earth is poured around the excavation site.

Lower Labour Costs

Hydro excavation reduces the number of workers needed at the site. This is because most of the work is mechanised. The reduced labour requirement translates into lower costs on labour. This cost saving trickles down to you the client because the excavation company will bill you for fewer employee hours. This is because the machines are faster and more precise, so the work will be completed sooner.

As you can see, you need to evaluate the cost-implications of the different excavation options offered by your provider of professional excavation services before you make a decision. Pick the method that will meet your needs without imposing an unnecessarily high cost on you. Hydro excavation meets that requirement.

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