What Is the Role of a Building Consultant?

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What Is the Role of a Building Consultant?

What Is the Role of a Building Consultant?

18 February 2016
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The construction of any building involves a series of calculated procedures that need to be carefully followed to attain the desired results. Building consultants will help you as the owner of a project get the best out of the resources you've invested. In case there is a misunderstanding between you as the owner and your contractor, the consultant will be there to help you solve it. Below are some of the important roles played by building consultants: 

Creating a Construction Schedule

A building consultant will help you know what processes of construction are to be followed by a contractor. There are instances when contractors ignore certain building requirements, which may cause problems in the long run. In other instances, contractors concentrate on finishing the project faster such that they forget some important construction processes. With the schedule clearly prepared by the building consultant, you will be able to tell when some steps are omitted.   

Organizing Cost Estimates

For people with little or no knowledge about construction, it is difficult to know when a contractor is inflating the cost of the project. A building consultant will help you avoid such problems by preparing a clear cost estimate. You can use this estimate to compare the cost drafted by your contractor.

Project Supervision

Consultants have all the details concerning price changes, discounts on materials and service costs. They, therefore, do an inspection of each activity to ensure you enjoy all the discounts passed on to you. Additionally, they make sure that the quality of construction is up to standard. This is mainly to avoid contractors who try to use counterfeit materials to save some extra money.

The Consultant Will Be Your Impartial Adjudicator

Building and construction involve a lot of negotiations and bidding. You might not have the knowledge or time to handle such processes, and this is where the consultant comes in. The consultant owes you the duty of care in order to protect your property.

Inspection of the Completed Project

After the contractor is done with the project, the consultant will carry out a thorough inspection of the building. They will carry out a comprehensive post-completion inspection, which involves making inquiries and the normal visual inspection. If the consultant is satisfied with the completed project, they will provide the certificate for the contractor to be paid.

You will save a lot and enjoy a quality project when you consider employing a building consultant.

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