Tips When Disposing of Asbestos Siding into Skip Bins

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Tips When Disposing of Asbestos Siding into Skip Bins

Tips When Disposing of Asbestos Siding into Skip Bins

18 February 2016
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Asbestos is a material that is known to be harmful to your health. This knowledge was not always apparent, and, at one time, asbestos materials were used during the construction process of homes. This means that it is possible to have asbestos siding on your home. Since breathing in the fibrous particles of asbestos can be harmful to your health, it is suggested that you have all asbestos materials removed. When you are removing asbestos siding from your home, it is possible to use skip bins. You can hire skip bins that are designed for hazardous waste. However, before you begin using skip bins to dispose of asbestos siding, it is important for you to understand tips that are designed to make the process safer and simpler. 


Not only should you be wearing the right gear when you are handling asbestos siding, but you also have to follow the right removal method. This means that after you put on a respirator, gloves and a complete body suit, you will need to wet the siding. By wetting the siding, you will minimise the amount of airborne fibers. It is the airborne fibers that are most harmful to your health. Make sure that you wet each section of siding before you begin removing it. Working in small sections allows you to be sure that it is not dried before you have it removed. When each piece of siding is removed, you should make sure that you take care not to break or chip in the process. The pieces of siding that are more difficult to remove will need to be pried off using a screwdriver.


The skip bins that you have hired can be what you use to dispose of the asbestos siding. You need to make sure that you are aware of the weight limit on each skip bins and that you have enough skip bins on hand to dispose of all the asbestos siding that you remove from your home. There is normally a fill line on the bin that you should be careful not to go over when filling the bins. If the bins are too full, they will not be removed. You also have to make sure that you are only disposing of asbestos siding within bins and not mixing any other materials up with this type of hazardous waste. Lining the skip bins with PVC is also required before you begin filling the bins with hazardous materials.

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