The Dos and Donts for Sealing Asphalt

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The Dos and Donts for Sealing Asphalt

The Dos and Donts for Sealing Asphalt

18 February 2016
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If you have an asphalt driveway, you need to seal it on a regular basis. This ensures that it doesn't get sufficient damage from direct sunlight, snow and ice, or equipment and vehicles that can cause cracks. Here are some important rules to follow when sealing the asphalt.

Do: Repair damage first

Before you do anything with the asphalt driveway, inspect every inch of it and look for signs of damage. There is no reason to seal an asphalt surface if you already have cracks and holes in it. Look for alligator-type cracks, deep and shallow cracks, and any other types of damage. These should all be easy to fill with asphalt filling material, which is simple to use as long as you follow the directions. Wait for the asphalt repairs to be completed and dry before continuing.

Don't: Seal the asphalt on the wrong day

The day you choose to seal your driveway is also very important. Don't just do it at the last minute and assume everything will be fine. Keep an eye on the weather forecast so you can choose a day that isn't too hot or too cold. You don't want a day where heavy winds, rain, or snow are in the forecast. Also avoid sealing it on an especially hot day. A cloudy or overcast day is best.

Do: Use a squeegee to spread out the sealant

When you begin applying sealant to the asphalt, you want to get it in a thin, even coating. The best way to do this is by using a squeegee. This tool allows you to smooth out the sealant material after pouring a small amount on the asphalt. Work in small sections, starting with one corner of the driveway. Pour some sealant, spread it out with the squeegee until it is even, then start with the next section. Overlapping helps to avoid any missed spots.

Don't: Fail to clean the surface first

A final rule you need to follow before you begin sealing the asphalt is to clean the surface thoroughly. This includes beginning with removing weeds and grass that are growing over the edge of the driveway so they don't fall while the sealant is still wet. After repairing the cracks in the asphalt, make sure the driveway is cleaned by sweeping it, and power washing the surface.

Do: Give it plenty of time to dry

It is also important that when sealcoating a driveway, you give it plenty of time to dry. Even if the container says you can drive over it in 24 hours, it is best to wait a little longer just in case. It is possible that your sealant takes a little longer to dry due to the weather and climate conditions, and you don't want to have to repeat the process because you rushed it. Wait a couple days at least if possible.

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