The Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall in Your Home

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The Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall in Your Home

The Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall in Your Home

18 February 2016
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A retaining wall, when properly done by a professional, is a uniquely crafted system which helps in preventing soil movement and also controlling the flow of water. Soil that would possibly be drained off by rain water or blown away when it is windy can be protected by constructing a retaining wall. A retaining wall could help you avoid costly repairs. Most home owners think that it is not necessary to have a retaining wall in their homes. This is because they think of retaining walls as designs purely meant to add an aesthetic appeal to your landscape or your home in general. They are definitely wrong about this as retaining walls can offer more benefits.

The following are some of the added benefits of a retaining wall that you should be aware of:

Foundation protection

Your home's foundation is of great importance and you should do whatever it takes to protect it. The foundation is mostly affected by the soil underneath it. Therefore, protecting this soil is part of your foundation maintenance. If your home is built on even the slightest slope, soil is prone to falling away from your foundation, causing the landscape to erode. Erosion can eventually damage your home's structure leading to costly repairs. Retaining walls could effectively prevent this as they are designed to work against gravity. They decrease the angle of the slope and this helps in holding the soil in place preventing erosion.

More land area

Sloped landscapes can make it difficult for most home owners to grow gardens and establish flower beds. However, with retaining walls you can make use of your land in the best way you want to. They provide more flat ground for you to plant flowers and anything you want.

Patio seating

Your retaining wall could be a place where you can relax if you choose to transform it into a functional seating area. Retaining walls allow you to level areas that are steeply graded. You can install a bench against the wall and this will help create a cozy space.  Your family members and guests can therefore enjoy their time without fighting a steep hill.

In addition to creating a perfect appearance of your property, retaining walls can complement landscapes that are sloping, add terracing and also allow for the creation of garden beds. You should therefore consider getting a professional to install a retaining wall for you.

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