Some Questions You Might Ask About Concrete Cutting

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Some Questions You Might Ask About Concrete Cutting

Some Questions You Might Ask About Concrete Cutting

18 February 2016
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When your old driveway is chipped or cracked beyond repair, you may want to have it cut and then pulled up and removed so you can have a new one poured. You might also want a new driveway or garage floor with a paint job that makes it look more attractive, and you need to remove the old concrete first. Whatever your needs for concrete cutting and removal, note a few questions to consider with a contractor before work begins.

1. Always ask if they can dispose of the concrete for you

Concrete is very easy to recycle so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find a contractor who will cut the concrete and then dispose of it for you. Very often they will use a grinder of sorts that will grind up the concrete chunks as it's cut, turning it into a powder. This is then easier to transport than chunks of concrete. The contractor may have a recycler they work with who will take the old material from them, so you don't need to worry about getting a bin or otherwise finding a way of disposing of the broken concrete yourself.

2. Note if grinding is an option rather than cutting

Grinding is a type of polishing that is done, typically on concrete floor, in order to remove the top layer of concrete. A special diamond-tipped blade is attached to what looks like a large floor buffer and this is run over the concrete surface, breaking up the top layer which is then removed. This can leave your garage floor or driveway with a fresh, unbroken surface that can easily accept another layer of concrete and which would then look new. In some cases the grinding may create a smooth finish that you can paint over so you don't even need more concrete. Grinding may be more affordable than removing an entire section of concrete and most concrete cutters offer grinding services, so ask if this is a good option for your home.

3. Ask about the mess

A concrete cutting contractor may need to use water to help control dust, or if they don't use wet cutters, the process may create a tremendous amount of dust around your home. Ask if they clean up or if you should consider covering your landscaping and flowerbeds in order to protect them, or if there is anything else you should consider to prepare for the mess that concrete cutting might produce.

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