Security Screens or Burglarproof Bars: Which Is the Better Option?

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Security Screens or Burglarproof Bars: Which Is the Better Option?

Security Screens or Burglarproof Bars: Which Is the Better Option?

18 February 2016
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Are you planning a home improvement project to enhance the security of your windows and doors? Are you torn between installing burglarproof bars and security screens? Read on and discover some compelling reasons why it would be better for you to choose security screens instead of burglarproof bars.


Security screens are screens that look like the ordinary window screens used to keep insects out of the home when windows are open. The only difference is that security screens are made from tougher materials (such as aluminum mesh). Consequently, security screens can easily blend into the aesthetical scheme/design of the home. This is in sharp contrast to burglarproof bars that stand out and make the home look like a prison. The imposing burglarproof bars may even make potential homebuyers get the impression that the bars are installed because your area is insecure.


Security screens are very easy to maintain. For instance, you may need to clean the screen periodically so that you remove any accumulated debris that may have been trapped in the screen. Burglarproof bars need more maintenance when compared to security screens. This is because the burglarproof bars are made from materials (such as steel) that can easily rust. You will therefore have to paint the bars periodically in order to protect them from corrosion.


Your intention may be to keep intruders out of your home when you install a window and door security system. However, does the option you select have other unwanted safety implications? Burglarproof bars may be fixed to the extent that they cannot be removed in case of an emergency. This can pose a safety risk in case family members want to escape when a fire outbreak makes some doors inoperable. Security screens provide a safer way to keep intruders out without restricting egress during an emergency. This is because many security screens have emergency release cords that can be tugged in case family members need to leave the home during a fire outbreak or any other emergency.

As you can see from the discussion above, it is possible for you to enhance the security of your windows and doors without sacrificing aesthetics and safety. You should therefore consult suppliers of different door and window security systems like Aus Secure so that you add the information that they give to you to the information above before you make a final decision. The option that you select will be more satisfactory when compared to another person who selects a window and door security system randomly.

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