Building Your Empty Nest

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Building Your Empty Nest

Building Your Empty Nest

18 February 2016
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Once their adult kids finally leave the nest, many parents breathe a sigh of relief. If you love your children but are eager to make sure that they don't keep rebounding to the family home, it can be a great idea to build a new home that celebrates your smaller household rather than holding onto the family home for sentimental reasons. 

Here are some common features of new homes for empty nesters. 

Fewer bedrooms with bigger features

Rather than living in a 3 or 4 bedroom house, many empty nesters prefer to have a 2 bedroom with study set-up. This allows them to have a comfortable and spacious master bedroom and home office, with a spare room for guests to stay in for shorter periods. The bedrooms can often be larger as a result of having less space and many people use this extra space for walk-in robes and spa-style ensuite bathrooms. This leaves room for your children to stay but hopefully for them to head back to their own home afterwards. 

Smaller kitchens

Once children have moved out of the home, many of the meals are now cooked for one or two people so a much smaller kitchen can suffice. By opting for a smaller kitchen, you often have more budget to spend on kitchen appliances such as ovens, range hoods and stovetops. This can be fun for parents who are looking to do some more experimental cooking now that they don't have to cater for as many people. 

A smaller yard

If you don't enjoy gardening, especially not across a full suburban block, building a new empty nest home can be a great chance to have a smaller block. By selling a large family home and building a new home on a smaller block, many empty nesters switch down to a courtyard or small yard that has space for a morning coffee but low maintenance requirements. This frees up both time for new hobbies, and extra funds to support those new hobbies! A small yard can be ideal if you no longer have rambunctious small children or pets to occupy. 

If your adult children are finally moving out of your home and you are eager to build a new home to enjoy this new stage of your life, why not meet with a new home builder? They have a range of designs that can be perfect for smaller family units.   

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