Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

17 February 2016
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Over time, your carpets can attract dirt, dust and other debris. Typical vacuuming is not effective enough at getting deep into the fibers and removing all debris. This means that the dust and dirt can be ground into the carpet over time and leave it looking dingy, but also being a health hazard. Taking advantage of professional cleaning contractors in order to get access to high quality carpet cleaning services is necessary if you want to make sure that your health is a priority. It is important that you are aware of the biggest health benefits that are possible through carpet cleaning services.


Most of the carpet within your home is a hotbed for indoor pollutants. This includes pet dander, pest allergens, lead and dirt. It is even possible for gases that are toxic to attach to these pollutants that are found within your carpet. This means that the toxic gases on these pollutants can be released into your home and infect the air supply. Vacuuming will only result in these pollutants being spread throughout your home at an increased rate. This means that you instead need to choose professional cleaning contractors that implore cleaning methods that are designed to remove all pollutants within the carpet fibers and the toxins that are attached. The shampooing products that are used on your carpets are designed specifically to kill the bacteria that is making the air you breathe toxic.

Dust Mites

You might not realize it but one of the biggest infestations that you have within your home are most likely dust mites. Since dust mites are microscopic in size, it is almost impossible to know that you have a problem. Dust mites themselves are not actually harmful to your health, but the feces that they leave behind can be. It is possible for you to inhale them when they are circulated into the air through walking over the carpet. With steam cleaning by a cleaning contractor, it is possible for the high temperatures to kill the dust mites and remove the health hazard of breathing in their feces.


Mold is something that can grow within your home at a rapid rate, but it can be detrimental to your health. It is possible for moisture to be tracked onto your carpets and to become embedded deep within the fibers. This often results in the presence of mold. However, if your carpets are professionally cleaned using the proper products it is possible for mold growth to be killed. The high powered drying tools used can get rid of all moisture.

For more information, talk to a cleaning contractor.

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