DIY Repair for Your Chipped Glass Table

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DIY Repair for Your Chipped Glass Table

DIY Repair for Your Chipped Glass Table

17 February 2016
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Glass can add class and beauty to your home furniture. However, it can easily develop a crack when an object is accidentally knocked or dropped against it. Having such fragile objects in your home requires some knowledge on fixing minor damages to avoid extra costs on purchasing new ones or seeking professional help. Small damages may also grow to develop bigger complications if not immediately addressed. Be ready to repair any damage on your cracked table with simple materials using the following steps.

Have a glass repair kit

A glass repair kit is a key to repairing your chipped glass table. It has enough bridges and resin, materials necessary for the repair process. Clear instructions are also provided in the kit on the amount of material that should be used on the broken part. The kit can be obtained in hardware or an auto parts store. In addition, ensure that you purchase "epoxy", a specific resin that is used for chipped glass.

Clean the surface of your glass table

With bridges and resin in your repair kit, clean the surface of your glass table thoroughly to do away with excess debris. Take precaution when cleaning your chipped glass table by using a thick cloth and wear gloves to avoid being cut. In addition, the glass should be allowed to fully dry before carrying on.

Apply material to the chipped section

With instructions provided in the kit, apply the required amount of resin to the affected area of your glass table. Instructions given may also explain how the bridge is applied to the chipped glass. The bridges resemble suction cups and have screws that run through the centre. You have to apply pressure on the affected crack basing on the amount of filler used.

Clean up the glass repair

After the repair has been done, use a razor blade to slowly remove excess resin that remains on the surface of your glass table. You can also use a scraper to remove excess resin to avoid scratching the glass and ruining its beauty. However, you have to wait for a period of 24 to 48 hours after you have done the repair to clean up excess material. The period varies with the type of kit used; therefore, consult with the instructions provided in your kit to be sure of the time frame. As a DIY, it only takes you a few hours to execute these steps.

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