3 Security Features Every Granny Flat Should Have Connected

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3 Security Features Every Granny Flat Should Have Connected

3 Security Features Every Granny Flat Should Have Connected

17 February 2016
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The choice of a granny flat is the ideal option for families that want to avoid assisted living communities, have family nearby, and want to help that family member maintain their independence.  Though granny flats do try to be all-inclusive, one of the key features you may notice missing from some granny flat price lists are related to security. You may think a simple system will work, and it may for burglaries or related issues. When it comes to the daily life of your family member, there are a few more personal security options you may want to consider to keep them safe both physically and emotionally.   

Floor Level Detection

One of the many security options you should at least consider is a floor level detection option. These systems are designed to use motion sensors to detect if there is any abnormal activity such as a fall. If your family member should fall, the motion detectors register it and trigger an alarm system. This system can alert you, other family members, and medical attention. This is vital to some families who may have concerns over a family member falling in the granny flat while no one else is home or during the night when most of the family is asleep. 

You can have this floor level detection installed by an electrician and connected to alert based on your preferences. For example, you may choose to have the paramedics alerted first or at the same time as you. You can also choose if you are altered by text or phone call. 

Voice Activated Call Systems

Having a call system that works on a traditional pendent and intercom system is a standard for most families using forms of home health care or assistance. You step that up a bit by using a voice activated call system. This system works similarly to the traditional push button systems in that it connects your family member directly with emergency assistance or someone that can get emergency assistance to the location. The main difference is that if they are not wearing the pendent, or if they aren't near the call button, they can still contact assistance by calling for help or using a specific phrase to activate the call system.

Outdoor Security Locks

You may have a family member that handles their daily life well but has moments where they may wander and forget where they are. Having security locks in place on gates and access areas are ideal for this. You can choose to activate them at any time and keep them activated depending on the emotional state of your family member. You can also set these up to be monitored so if they are activated or bypassed, such as your family member figuring out how to unlock them, then you can be alerted in order to prevent an injury or accident.

These are just three of the security features you can have installed, or, at least, should consider. Remember, privacy is at the top of most granny flat security manufacturers so you will likely find that you can adjust these features as needed depending on the situation. If you are ready to consider these or more options, contact your security professional or granny flat sales representative. 

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