What to Ask When Considering a Plant Hire

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What to Ask When Considering a Plant Hire

What to Ask When Considering a Plant Hire

16 February 2016
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A plant hire for heavy-duty equipment can mean giving a contractor all the options he or she needs to ensure that a certain job is done right, without having to invest in the equipment itself. This also allows a contractor to expand the work they offer to customers, as they can easily rent equipment that may be needed for demolition, building, and other work that would otherwise be outside their area of expertise. When you're considering a plant hire for any heavy-duty equipment, note a few questions to ask so you ensure you get the right equipment and know what's involved with the rental process. 

1. Ask if you need to collect the machinery

Some very large piece of equipment may need to be delivered by the contracting company because of the type of trailer they require, but if you're renting a crane that's on the back of a truck or a mini excavator to use on a residential job, you may be expected to pick up the equipment and drop it back off. In some cases, you might need a plant trailer to haul the equipment but some may come with their own trailer that you'll hook up to your truck. Always ask about how the machinery is collected and ensure you have the right towing capacity, trailer, or anything else needed if it's not delivered and then collected for you.

2. Ask the digging capacity of buckets and reach of crane arms

If your job entails excavation, ask the digging capacity of buckets and the reach of any crane or excavator arm. You need to ensure you choose a piece of equipment that is large enough to make quick work of your job, and you may need a longer crane arm to reach particular depths or when working on a shoreline. Bucket and cranes are not all the same so ensure you choose the best equipment that will fit the job site but which will also allow for maximum capacity and reach for your job.

3. Note if you're required to clean out the equipment after use

Plant hire equipment will usually have residual dirt and gravel from its use, but if you are cleaning out muddy soil or are using the equipment to spread wet cement, you may be required to hose down the equipment or otherwise clean it before you return it. Buckets may need to be completely emptied as well. Always ask if there are any specifics as to how the equipment must be returned when it comes to the materials you'll be excavating or digging so you don't lose a deposit or face additional fees for your plant hire.

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