Need More Commercial Cooling? Have Your Air Conditioning Retrofitted

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Need More Commercial Cooling? Have Your Air Conditioning Retrofitted

Need More Commercial Cooling? Have Your Air Conditioning Retrofitted

16 February 2016
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High temperatures within the workplace are a real damper. Like every other business owner, you want your place of business to carry an ambience that puts clients at ease and allows your staff to maintain the highest levels of productivity possible. One clever way to improve the cooling of your premises is to have your current air conditioning retrofitted. That is, having the unit upgraded with newer parts so that it performs at a higher capacity. As you shall see below, it's the perfect compromise as far as upgrades are concerned.

More power for more cool air

The outdoor unit of your AC is responsible for drawing in cool air from outside and condensing the refrigerant, among other duties. By increasing the power capacity of the outdoor unit, the condenser (outdoor unit) will be in a position to cool the refrigerant much faster and in larger quantities. This means that the retrofitting process will enable your air conditioning system to process more cool air and at a faster rate than you're currently enjoying.

Little disturbance to your business

One unique advantage of a retrofit process is that it's not a complete overhaul. Overhauls bring about too much change and disturbance. With a retrofit, only minor changes will be made. In some cases, the indoor units may not be affected at all, as only the outdoor unit will be worked on. A retrofit therefore does not interrupt your normal operations as other options may. You can proceed with your normal business operations as the contractors tend to the outdoor units and some indoor hardware.

Better energy efficiency

Another advantage of retrofitting your air conditioner is that you get newer parts that are more energy efficient. That is, they consume less energy to produce the same amount of cool air. So while you may get a more powerful outdoor unit that produces more cooling, it may not hike your energy bills as such. This means coping with the same, less, or only slightly increased cooling bills.

Beats buying a bigger or extra unit

Lastly, you should think about retrofitting because it beats buying a new system or adding secondary AC units to complement your current one. Such alternatives are expensive as you have to purchase entire new AC units. Besides, you may be left with an extra outdoor unit that is too old to dispose off compared to what is currently in the market. A retrofit, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: you retain your AC unit but enjoy its new capabilities.

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