Losing Tenants Because Of Sewerage Issues? A Consulting Engineer Can Help

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Losing Tenants Because Of Sewerage Issues? A Consulting Engineer Can Help

Losing Tenants Because Of Sewerage Issues? A Consulting Engineer Can Help

16 February 2016
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When the sewerage system of your commercial building does not function like it should, you start losing money. From constant plumber call-outs to losing valuable tenants, sewerage issues cost a building owner both time and money. If your local council is slow in responding to the problem, it is time to call on the services of a consulting engineer who knows how to get your sewerage problems back under control. But, what exactly can they do to help you?

Examining Existing Design

One of the first things a consulting engineer will do is examine the existing sewerage plans that exist for your building. It may be that the original design plan was flawed, and this error is leading to the sewerage blockage problems that have built up within the building over time.

If it is possible for the existing design to be amended to correct the existing issue, then the engineer can consult with the council to begin the process of getting this done. Determining where the problem lies will dictate who has to foot the bill for the repairs. A sewerage design issue outside of your immediate property area lies with the council, but within your property boundary, rectification of issues will probably rest with you as the building owner.

Investigating Alternative Wastewater Solutions

If the problem lies in a system that was designed right when the building was built, but the system can no longer cope with the demands of its tenants, then a consulting engineer can look for alternative solutions that will work for you. You will need to arrange for the existing system to be cleaned and inspected before alternative suggestions can be made, but this cost is necessary to ensure a fully comprehensive report can be provided to you.

Because a consulting engineer knows what conditions your wastewater system need to meet in order to satisfy the local council regulations and those of the health department, they can find alternatives that may not cost you a large budget to implement. For example, a new on-site septic system may be more cost beneficial to you than a full sewerage plumbing replacement design that spans the length of your property.

Don't lose valuable tenants because your sewerage system is forcing them to move out. Instead, hire a consulting engineer firm that knows how to fully investigate the problem within your building. While it will mean a small monetary investment, it is better to treat the problem sooner rather than having an empty building later.

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