Key Waterproofing Services for Your Commercial Building

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Key Waterproofing Services for Your Commercial Building

Key Waterproofing Services for Your Commercial Building

16 February 2016
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Considering the presence of leakages in the drainage system and the creation of a moist environment during rainy spells, it is imperative that you provide waterproofing maintenance on your commercial building to maintain its aesthetic appearance and increase its durability. Picture a building with worn out roofs, peeling paint and fungi growing on the wall; definitely, you would want to be associated with such a building.

Below are some of the waterproofing services available that may help you keep your commercial building in good shape.

Facade Restoration

Facade restoration services are meant to keep any part of your building facing the public domain looking at its best, ensuring that the public image of the building is appealing to all onlookers. It entails maintaining the exterior part of the building against moisture, inferior materials, pollutants as well as construction designs that are faulty or outdated. These services also include detecting and fixing damaged surfaces.

Leak Investigation

With both sewer and fresh water passing through your building's drainage system, there are chances that leakages will occur. If they go undetected, they may cause extreme damage to your building.  Leak investigation services includes detection of the leakage areas and repairing the areas upon request. In addition, leakages tend to leave dirty marks on the ceiling or walls. This service may include cleaning off such dirty patches in order to restore your building to its initial condition.

Painting services

One of the most common forms of waterproofing is by use of paints. The type of paint used determines the strength of your structure against watery and moist conditions. There are various types of waterproof paints that are on offer, and they include silicon coatings, elastomeric coatings and acrylic coatings. In order to choose the most appropriate type of paint, consult a professional to advice you on the paint required, upon a thorough inspection of the building and the weather conditions.

Roof repairs and maintenance

Having a roof that is leaking or discolored is not desirable to any building owner. Through the use of repairing services, one is able to detect such problems and repaired before they cause further inconvenience.

Maintenance services will help you avoid any inconvenience as the nearly worn-out parts are detected and replaced. In addition, one may enquire about inspection services to help you keep track of roof quality to avoid any unseen roof related problems.

For assistance, talk to a waterproof expert.

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