How to Avoid Walking In During a Robbery and What to Do If Your Entry Has Been Breached

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How to Avoid Walking In During a Robbery and What to Do If Your Entry Has Been Breached

How to Avoid Walking In During a Robbery and What to Do If Your Entry Has Been Breached

16 February 2016
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Walking into your home in the midst of a burglary would be a scary and dangerous process. Because of that, before you enter your home, you should always do a quick scan of your door and lock to ensure they haven't been compromised while you were gone. Here's what to look for and what to do if you see anything suspicious:

1. Look for signs of forced entry.

Signs of forced entry are relatively obvious. The door may be hanging off its hinges, the deadbolt may be ripped from the door frame, and there may be a lot of splintered wood. Alternatively, the door may be shut, and there may be no visible damage, but the door frame may look warped and uneven.

If you don't see any signs of forced entry, look at your locks and make sure that they have not been tampered with.

2. Assess the locks for damage.

If a thief picked the lock leading into your home, you are likely to see dents in the metal around the keyhole or scuff marks on previously shiny metal. If you see those types of marks or other signs of entry, you should not enter your home. Instead, you should contact the police.

3. Don't touch the knob or lock.

If you believe that your door or lock has been tempered with, you should avoid touching the door knob or the locking mechanism,. There could be fingerprints on these surfaces, and ideally, you don't want to touch them so that the authorities can hopefully take fingerprints.

4. Contact the police.

Contact the police, and wait until they arrive to enter your home. They can scan your property to ensure that no one is there, and they can take a statement regarding anything that was stolen. If possible, while the police are at your home, walk through and account for everything that was stolen. Also, make a list to give to your insurance provider.

5. Contact a locksmith.

Contact a locksmith as soon as possible. These professionals can help you repair the broken locks, and they can also help you find new locks. Using their expertise as a guide, you can find locks that will offer you more protection, and you can explore the benefits of metal doorframes, electronic locks and other security elements.  In many cases, locksmiths can also advise you on security systems as well.

To prevent this problem in the first place, you can also proactively contact your locksmiths and upgrade your locks or home security. 


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