Ideal Fencing Posts Options for Your Property

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Ideal Fencing Posts Options for Your Property

Ideal Fencing Posts Options for Your Property

12 February 2016
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Fences are advantageous features to consider installing around your residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial properties. These structures will mark the plot boundaries and secure your land against easy access by vandals, burglars and general trespassers. The fence can also increase the value of the pertinent property and attract better buyers when you choose to resell the land. There are different factors that will affect the strength and durability of your fencing, but the supporting posts are probably the most important elements to consider. Here is a description of the primary fencing posts types that you can install around your land.

Metal Posts

Metal posts are suitable for building a strong permanent fence, especially in properties that are vulnerable to potential impact damage. They are suitable for heavy-duty usage in commercial and industrial setups because this material can withstand mechanical impact without collapse or complete deformation. If you want this type of supporting posts, you should choose steel. The benefits of the alloy include high compressive and tensile strength, longevity and compatibility with different fences.

However, steel posts are vulnerable to rust when exposed to moisture, so select products that are galvanised or coated with plastic for the best results. Aluminium posts are also available in fencing supplies shops. They are durable and naturally resistant to corrosion due to adverse weather. Unfortunately, the lightweight nature of aluminium makes the posts susceptible to deformation when exposed to external pressure. Therefore, choose these posts for temporary or delineating fences only.

Timber Posts

Wooden fencing posts are popular because their appearance complements the natural landscape. These are perfect for residential and agricultural applications, and they can be used with diverse fences such as chain-link, barbed wire and woven mesh. Generally, the posts in most fencing supply stores are fabricated using softwood timber. These are relatively inexpensive, but the material can be vulnerable to damage from moisture and pests.

Therefore, you should select pre-treated wood that will resist water damage and repel damaging insects. For example, pressure-treated pine posts will provide long-term service regardless of the climate. If you want hardwood posts, you might need to contact a specialty dealer. These are expensive, but the posts will be naturally resistant to damage.

Concrete Posts

Concrete posts are constructed using reinforced concrete, so they are heavy and extremely strong. The material is also not prone to water damage and pest infestation. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing and installing the concrete posts can be high. You should choose specialty pre-drilled concrete posts for your fence design for easy installation.

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