Commercial Fit Out? Upgrade The Ambience Of Your Space With These 4 Electrical Services

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Commercial Fit Out? Upgrade The Ambience Of Your Space With These 4 Electrical Services

Commercial Fit Out? Upgrade The Ambience Of Your Space With These 4 Electrical Services

12 February 2016
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When it comes to commercial electrical services, most people only think of the ultra-functional jobs such as repairs, upgrades, data cabling, security installations, and so forth. However, you can get so much more your electrician. One such example is improving the ambience of your spaces during a fit out or renovation.  Read on to see how.

Lighting upgrades

One quick way your commercial electrician can transform your commercial space is through lighting. He/she can do so by either increasing the amount of light your spaces are getting or by changing the type of lighting you currently have. With the former, simply increasing the lighting will help illuminate all areas of your business better, i.e. windows, floors, merchandise, etc. This will have the effect of giving your spaces a contemporary look. Changing the type of lighting, e.g. from white light to golden light, helps to adjust the mood. Your electrician can even change the light fixtures to modern alternatives such as suspended lighting or hidden lighting.

Music system wiring

Music is yet another highly effective way of upgrading the ambience of your commercial environment and your electrician has the tools and know-how to make this happen. They will wire soft music around your premises, targeting areas such as the waiting lounge, cafeteria, lifts, and even the offices. The music speakers, in turn, will be carefully recessed against the walls and ceilings so as not to ruin the aesthetics. Your customers and workers can then enjoy delightful tunes as they roam about.

Installation of visual entertainment screens

A fit out is never complete without some visual stimulation of the senses. Your electrician can help you achieve that through the installation of entertainment screens. Such screens can either broadcast standard TV programmes or they can be tweaked to show pre-packed content such as your product catalogues and advertisements. You can even install interactive touch screen panels for your staff and customers (highly effective for retail businesses).

Air conditioning

Last, but not the least, is air conditioning. With the Australian summer raging on relentlessly, cooling your business space a few notches lower is perfect for your fit out exercise. An electrician can make this possible by recommending and installing an AC system that is better suited for your space. This can be achieved by considering the floor space, the insulation, and the number of people expected inside your space. That done, your electrician will install a split, multi-split or a ducted AC with the right power levels to keep your environment cooled just right.

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